Evolving Testing Methods

Using Generative AI in Item Development: What Does the Future Hold?

London (UK), July 2024 - Generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools have produced both excitement and uncertainty across many industries, and the global assessments landscape is no exception. As AI has become more powerful and accessible, high-stakes testing methods have evolved in parallel. An increasing number of exam content creators have started actively exploring how AI technologies might be used to develop test items for a range of assessments. 



The 2024 Training Industry Top Training Companies Lists - AI in Training

Raleigh, NC (USA), July 2024 - Training Industry, a leading research and information resource for corporate learning leaders, prepares the Training Industry Top 20 report on critical sectors of the corporate training marketplace to better inform professionals about the best and most innovative providers of training services and technologies. The platform has recently announced its selections for the 2024 Top Training Companies™ lists for the AI in Training sector of the corporate learning and development (L&D) market.


"Employment Ready"

Lumify Learn Launches Academic Accelerator Program

Joshua Cameron, General Manager at Lumify LearnBrisbane (AU), June 2024 - IT education provider Lumify Learn has announced the launch of its Academic Accelerator program designed to bridge Australia's digital skill shortage by helping produce more "employment-ready" IT professionals.



Valamis Launches Comprehensive Learning-Cost Tracking Feature

Joensuu (FI), June 2024 - Valamis is excited to announce the launch of its latest publication designed to transform the tracking and management of learning and training costs. The comprehensive Valamis Cost of Learning report addresses key areas such as employment, workforce diversity, training programs, health- and safety measures, labor relations, and social engagement activities.


Transformative Benefits

Harnessing the Power of AI in Learning Management Systems

London (UK), June 2024 - In today's fast-paced business world, integrating artificial intelligence (AI) in learning management systems (LMSs) optimises training, personalises learning, and enhances agility. It’s important to stay ahead of the curve with eLearning content creation, predictive learning paths, adaptive pathways, and rapid content development, ensuring a skilled workforce that is ready for technological advancements and competitive challenges.


For Personalized Learning

Schoox Unveils AI-Driven Skills Mapping / Integrates with Visier

Austin, TX (USA), May 2024 - Schoox, a leader in learning management and talent development solutions, has announced the launch of its AI-driven skills mapping feature. This innovation empowers companies to personalize learning experiences for employees, helping them reskill, upskill, and advance their careers.


Hosted by Doug Wooldridge

New L&D Podcast: Learning Matters

Doug WooldridgeCarlsbad, CA (USA), May 2024 - ttcInnovations, Inc., a leader in creating custom corporate training solutions since 2001, has announced their new learning and  development (L&D) podcast, Learning Matters. Hosted by Doug Wooldridge, Learning Matters brings a compelling mix of content, with new episodes released every week. Listeners can expect insightful perspectives from engaging interviews, practical case studies, and in-depth analyses of the latest learning trends.


Case Study

Transforming Onboarding with Extended Reality (XR)

London (UK), May 2024 - S&P Global, a leading provider of transparent and independent ratings, benchmarks, analytics, and data to the capital and commodity markets worldwide, has always prioritised innovative learning and development (L&D) practices within its organisation. This case study explores the learning function together with Emma Johnson, S&P Global Learning Manager for Commodity Insights, focusing on its recent advancements in leveraging ARuVR's omni-platform for enhancing employee onboarding processes.


Quick and Easy

Qstream Launches AI Microlearning Content Generator

Burlington, MA (USA), April 2024 - Qstream, a global leader in microlearning and knowledge reinforcement technology, has released a new AI Microlearning Content Generator aimed at helping training and enablement teams quickly create and deliver engaging microlearning experiences.


Technology Workforce

Leading Companies Launch Consortium to Address AI's Impact

Leuven (BE), April 2024 - Cisco and a group of eight leading companies including Accenture, Eightfold, Google, IBM, Indeed, Intel, Microsoft, and SAP, as well as six advisors, has announced the launch of the AI-Enabled Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Workforce Consortium focused on upskilling and reskilling roles most likely to be impacted by AI.


Data Risk Management

Thought Industries Helped Migrate Exterro Data with No Downtime

Portland, OR (USA), April 2024 - Exterro is a leading software provider for data risk management solutions. The company serves a global community of customers and partners, including enterprise-grade, blue-chip companies in the law enforcement, banking, pharmaceutical, and legal industries. These companies rely on Exterro's services to keep their critical data safe and secure.


GenAI Skills Pack

Udemy Unveils GenAI Skills Pack, Empowering Leaders and Teams

San Francisco, CA (USA), March 2024 - Udemy, a leading online skills marketplace and learning platform, has announced the launch of its GenAI Skills Pack to support organizations around the world with the rapid adoption and implementation of in-demand generative AI (GenAI) skills. The GenAI Skills Pack includes curated content, emerging skills, and learning paths correlated to specific objectives to empower organizations globally with the most effective and efficient way to develop GenAI skills in a matter of hours, depending on their role.


At Learning Technologies 2024

GuyKat and FLOWSPARKS to Launch AI Co-Author

Birmingham (UK), March 2024 - GuyKat has confirmed they will exhibit at this year's Learning Technologies with partners FLOWSPARKS. This year, GuyKat and FLOWSPARKS are introducing their first major AI initiative, the FLOWSPARKS AI Co-Author, your ghostwriter behind a button.