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The Espresso Shot Leadership Learning Challenge

London (UK), June 2018 - What can you learn in just three minutes? Quite a lot about leadership says Martin Baker, the CEO of Clear Lessons. He was showcasing Clear Lesson’s leadership videos at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum and was challenging delegates to see what they can learn in the time it takes to grab a tea or coffee.

The Clear Lessons video library contains more than 500 videos with experts from a wide range of organisations, among them Barclays, Marks and Spencer, and Innocent, sharing their experiences and wisdom. The videos are all just a few minutes long and cover a vast range of topics, including managing people, resilience and emotional intelligence.

"It’s a myth that you have to go on a week-long, expensive training course to become a better leader," says Martin. "It’s amazing just what you can learn in a few short minutes. It’s time to start learning about leadership how we learn about almost everything else these days – via video learning. Video is the perfect way to share knowledge."