Improvement in Accessibility

Update to Skillcast's GDPR Compliance eLearning Library

London (UK), May 2019 - Skillcast has released the 2019 update to its GDPR Compliance eLearning course library with improvements to accessibility and content accompanied by UI/UX enhancements. This is suitable for firms that want to freshen up their GDPR training for all staff and provided further targeted training to staff that regularly deal with personal data.

Whenever Brexit occurs, and whatever form it takes, it's a practical certainty that UK businesses will have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as the Data Protection Act (DPA) 2018. For this purpose, companies need to train their staff regularly on general awareness of the GDPR rules and the importance of data security.

In addition, they need to provide further targeted training on issues such as consent, data retention, and the rights of staff members who regularly access or process personal data, depending on their role. Employees in certain high-risk positions need additional training on lawful bases, dealing with Subject Access Requests and data-protection impact assessments.

Skillcast's GDPR Compliance eLearning library helps businesses to deal with this myriad of GDPR compliance issues. It includes general courses on GDPR principles and safeguarding personal data, and specialist training on the principles of data protection, lawful basis, consent, international transfers, and individual rights.

Skillcast recently released the 2019 update to its GDPR Compliance eLearning library at a conference in the South Place Hotel in the City of London. The event also featured a legal update by Owen O'Rorke and practical insights into data breach handling by Ian West. With this update, Skillcast has rebuilt all the GDPR courses using its SHARD 5 design framework, which introduces the latest advances in UI/UX, responsiveness and accessibility.

Accessibility has been the first and foremost improvement in this new version. Unlike previous releases, which provided a separate accessible version for learners with disabilities, the new one features a single, unified approach that works equally well for all learners, including those with a partial or acute disability.

In addition, the GDPR Compliance courses feature a more intuitive and modern learning experience: slideshows replace videos, and there are many new learning activities.