Discover Learning in a World in Which Learning Has No Limits

Berlin (GER), September 2019 - OEB has published its conference programme for this year’s event, which will take place in Berlin’s Intercontinental Hotel, 27-29 November. The 25th edition of OEB, incorporating Learning Technologies, will highlight key issues changing the face of education: AI; blockchain for education; self-directed learning at work; immersive learning on a budget; learning spaces in the digital age; students as changemakers; holograms as educational tools; employability-focussed learning outcomes; the impact of government regulations on private education; agile L&D teams; and many more.

OEB has assembled an outstanding lineup of speakers, many with wide-reaching experience in implementing new learning technology, who will show how there are no limits to what is possible for today’s learners.

The event’s director, Astrid Jaeger, said, "Learning and technology are entering a new phase. There are so many exciting possibilities. The old boundaries and obstacles are disappearing. We are moving beyond exploration to the discovery of a whole new world of learning. OEB 2019’s conference programme reflects this array of new opportunities. It is also highly practical. As well as considering the future of learning and all the latest trends, there will be a focus on real technology implementations and plenty of discussion of best practices.

"Delegates will learn from both the conference sessions and from each other, as they take home real, practical guidance and insights."

OEB 2019 keynotes will include Bryan Alexander (Georgetown University); Heléna Bargiel (LEO Pharma A/S); Laura Czerniewicz (University of Cape Town); Paul Kirschner (expert on interaction and collaboration in learning); Joleen Liang (Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Education Conference); Joe Pokropski (international learning and talent development executive); Richard Straub (Peter Drucker Society Europe); David Toborek (Metronom GmbH); and Audrey Watters (Hack Education).

OEB’s "Spotlight Stage", which will run throughout the event, will include a rolling programme of talks, interviews, debates, and more. Participants will be able to pop in for a burst of “left-field” inspiration, entertainment, and controversy. The Spotlight Stage’s hosts will include Amy Brann, Mike Sharples, Steve Wheeler, Eric Sheninger, Ulrich Weinberg, Jef Steaes, and Carl Miller.

In total, there will be 130 sessions in various formats at the conference, including hands-on workshops, plenaries, interactive breakout sessions, discussions and debates, labs, demos, and more for delegates to choose from.

One of the key features of OEB events is the opportunity they create for networking, and the event’s accompanying exhibition floor is the hub of OEB. This year, over 120 exhibitors will provide demonstrations of the latest learning technology products.