Call for Contributions

EDEN 2020 Annual Conference: #eden20

Budapest (HR), December 2019 - EDEN is pleased to announce its 29th Annual Conference, hosted by the Politehnica University of Timisoara, 21-24 June 2020. The title is "Human and Artificial intelligence for the Society of the Future - Inspiring Digital Education for the Next STE(A)M Student Generation".

"Education is back where it belongs - at the top of the European policy agenda," stated the European Commission. We intend that Europe will be considered a strong and allied partner to future generations and that the EU education system must make our societies future proof.

Education is often envisioned in terms of innovation, excellence and competitiveness. But learning is also about reaching personal perfection, using a holistic approach that supports personal and professional development, learner needs, and self-realization.

Skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) represent an important part of basic literacy in today's knowledge economy. With the inclusion of a critical component, the human being, STE(A)M education also integrates the Arts: humanities, languages, drama, music, visual arts, design, and digital media.

A balanced relation between artificial and human intelligence can create trusted, personalized, and inclusive digital learning eco-systems.

The Conference will benefit from the cultural and digital environment of the city of Timisoara, as it celebrates creativity and innovation as the 2021 European Capital of Culture. In 2020, the Politehnica University of Timisoara will commemorate its first century of academic excellence.

Contributions that are the result of the researcher’s own work are invited, as are project achievements, case studies, the creative use of educational technology, and theoretic and conceptual work on the conference theme and tracks.

Submissions, taking into account the conference theme and related to at least one of the conference tracks are welcome in paper, poster, synergy, training, workshop / panel discussion session, and demonstration / technical presentation formats.