Coronavirus Awareness

Use the Lite LMS and Authoring Tool For Free

London (UK), March 2020 - Many businesses are suffering from the disruption that COVID-19 has caused. We understand how hard this time can be with planning your internal resources and keeping your family safe. My Learning Hub are currently offering three-month access to its Lite LMS and Authoring Tool for free if you sign up before 30 April to help firms with coronavirus awareness and staff training during these difficult times.

  • Utilise the existing coronavirus awareness and remote working training content.
  • Use the built-in Authoring Tool, off-the-shelf themes, and templates to build your essential training courses.
  • Deliver your essential training fast, and get actionable reports in a mobile responsive LMS.

This might be particularly useful if you want to refresh your staff knowledge on how to use the ventilators to help the patients in hospitals, or if you employ a large staff with a customer facing role.

My Learning Hub have made their team and instructional designers available in case you need some help in building your training content.

You can monitor the engagement and have a clear line of communication with your employees working remotely.

Every little bit helps.