Support Bundle

Emerald Works Launches "Road to Resilience"

London (UK), May 2020 - Emerald Works has revealed new evidence-driven support to learning leaders with its Road to Resilience campaign. The support package for learning leaders helps them build personal resilience and lead resilience initiatives across their organisation.

A 2020 Gallup study reveals that 76% of employees experience burnout. These findings were uncovered even prior to the stresses and uncertainties most of us are feeling right now.

Building up resilience levels is a great way to combat burnout - and better prepare for future challenges.

With resilience being the ability to adapt in the face of adversity, the bundle will provide support that allows learning from difficult experiences and allows us to be better prepared for future challenges.

The Road to Resilience bundle is designed to help learning leaders become more resilient, with resources including articles, an infographic animation, audio interview, and self-assessment, all designed to help learning leaders grow.

The bundle consists of

  • The Road to Resilience infographic
  • an article entitled "Why Passion and Resilience Beat Talent"
  • top tips for tackling employee burnout
  • an audio interview on "How to Build Personal Resilience"
  • an animation on coping with uncertainty
  • a questionnaire that asks "How Well Do I Support My Remote Team?"

Keira Hodge, Marketing Director, Emerald Works, commented, "Resilience enables people to bounce back quicker when things do not go as planned or when control has been taken away from them. Anyone can apply these long-lasting personal development tools in both their working and personal lives.

"We felt the timing was right to release this resource pack to the learning and development community, and our analysis of most searched topics over the past couple of weeks in our Mind Tools toolkit has backed this up. We're also noticing trends around emotional tenacity, emotional intelligence, and tools to help organisations be better equipped to support employees. We continue to be evidence-led at Emerald Works, developing and shaping our content campaigns in line with the feedback we receive."