Virtual Workforce Training

Varjo Expands Worldwide Access to Industrial VR/XR

Helsinki (FI), May 2020 - Varjo™, a leader in industrial-grade VR/XR headsets, has announced the launch of sales and direct shipping to key markets in the Asia Pacific region, including Singapore, Israel, South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand. In order to better meet industry demand and the needs of current customers, Varjo's portfolio of VR/XR headsets is available immediately in these new countries for enterprise users.

"Moving industrial workflows into immersive environments is becoming the norm, a development accelerated by current extraordinary global circumstances," said Timo Toikkanen, president and COO of Varjo. "We're seeing tremendous interest from leading enterprises that are looking to leverage VR/XR technologies for applications such as aviation training, design reviews, and research, to name a few. Our continued expansion into new territories allows us to accelerate adoption and deliver an exceptional, localized experience to customers around the world."

With its entrance into new markets, Varjo also continues to expand its reseller program, which now provides local, on-the-ground support in 40 countries. Three new resellers - INNOSIMULATION (South Korea), StormFX (Australia and New Zealand), and Synergy (Israel) - have joined the network. Resellers are handpicked and certified, with the goal of providing companies with the best possible local assistance in acquiring, setting up, and implementing Varjo's portfolio of VR/XR headsets, including the XR-1 Developer Edition, VR-2 and VR-2 Pro.

Leading enterprise customers such as Volvo, FlightSafety, and Siemens, are already using Varjo's devices to conduct virtual workforce training; collaborate remotely on the design and prototyping processes; and run academic, clinical, and commercial research in order to save time, money, and effort.

KIA is a proud partner in the immersive revolution driven by Varjo," said Thomas Unterluggauer, Creative Manager CGI at KIA Design Center Europe. "They are currently providing us with the extremely high-quality headsets necessary for professional virtual and mixed reality. The devices have the unparalleled resolution needed for complex automotive visualisation and design reviews. With Varjo's technology, we can design and build our cars faster and more creatively, fast-forwarding the implementation and validation of new features and ideas.

Chris Ryan, Managing Director at Ryan Aerospace, contributed, "Varjo's world-leading VR/XR devices allow us at Ryan Aerospace to take our virtual and mixed reality helicopter simulators to the next level. With the human-eye resolution on Varjo's headsets, trainees have excellent peripheral vision and spatial and situational awareness, which multiplies the amount of potential training applications using VR/XR. Varjo can help our customers save millions or tens of millions of dollars compared to more traditional training systems, which is why we're excited about Varjo expanding their availability in the Asia Pacific region."

Rob Herman, General Manager, Workstation & Client AI at Lenovo, added, "Designers and engineers are demanding higher visual accuracy, as VR and XR become more of an integral part of the creation process. The technology Varjo brings to these expanding markets will enable next-level training, creation, and research. The partnership between Lenovo and Varjo guarantees the highest-quality experience for professionals, certifying configurations across our ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series workstation portfolio to ensure this caliber of clarity is brought to life."