Online Educational Platform

Worldwide Launch of EdTech Startup

Tallinn (EST), June 2020 -’s international online educational platform has started its operation in four languages. The founder and CEO of the project is Mila Semeshkina, who is an entrepreneur, the author of the best-selling book Learn or Leave the Market, and an international expert in brand creation and promotion. A total of US$2.7 million has already been invested in the development of the platform, and a total investment of over US$7 million by 2023 is planned. The platform is targeted toward international markets, in particular the CIS, Europe, the USA, Latin America, India, and Africa.

Operating in beta-testing mode until September 2020, the platform offers currently over sixty courses representing nine areas, such as digital-age professions, marketing, soft skills, sales, lead generation, and female leadership. All are available in Russian, English, German, and Spanish, with Hindi localization coming soon. The courses consist of eight to ten video lessons, with a duration of fifteen to twenty minutes each.

The courses allow users to learn new skills quickly and put their knowledge into practice instantly. Video lessons are originally recorded in the speaker's native language, with a voice-over in other languages available at the platform. Each lesson offers additional materials for reading, as well as exercises and tests. Users can change the language of the course at any time for additional practice in foreign languages.

Mila Semeshkina, CEO of said, "While developing, we came to understand that it is high time for big changes in the approach to education - from the methodology to the formats of training and knowledge testing. We have rethought and fundamentally redesigned many approaches, creating our own vision of the studying process in the future. It is based on my fast education methodology, with a maximum focus on practice and obtaining results in the shortest possible time.

"With, we offer the market a qualitatively new education format: easy, comprehensive, ready for application, and - most importantly - one that inspires the love to study, displaying how enjoyable and effective education can be. Our huge team, which now exceeds 150 people from 18 countries, is geared towards that."

The platform integrates an affiliate loyalty program, allowing users to obtain discounts on future courses, as well as earn on the recommendations of the platform and its courses.

Mila Semeshkina added, "We are closely monitoring the needs of the education market. has its own analytical center, which monitors the trends, demands, and challenges of the market. The schedule for launching educational units, including courses, marathons, programs, mega-courses, and podcasts, is already planned for the coming three years.

"We will also launch apps for iOS and Android soon, as well as a corporate module ready for integration into any in-house portal, Lectera kids, and Lectera Teens. There are also digital HR modules that enable users to acquire a profession in a month. By the end of the year, the platform will contain more than 300 educational units in total."