Nimble Elearning

Equality and Diversity Essentials Course

Stonehouse/Gloucestershire (UK), June 2020 - The issues of racial equality and ethnic diversity have been brought to the fore, and in recent weeks, equality and diversity training for individuals and organisations have become a priority for those involved in L&D.

The importance of ensuring that all people have an equal opportunity and are not treated differently or discriminated against because of their characteristics are paramount issues, as is placing a positive value on the differences between people and groups of people.

Certain characteristics are protected by the Equality Act 2010, and it is necessary for every employee to know what these are so they can abide by the legislation. Nimble’s Equality and Diversity Essentials eLearning course boosts understanding of the legislation, and its hand-picked examples demonstrate the benefits that come from promoting equality and diversity in the workplace.

Some of Nimble Elearning's customers have recently sought to purchase this course to raise awareness for their employees. However, Nimble wanted to demonstrate its strong commitment to its client base, as they feel it's important for organisations and their employees, including Nimble's own, to be fully aware of equality and diversity. So, to help facilitate this, they are offering this course to their annual license holders free of charge until the end of 2020.

Director Alex Hathway says, "Many of our Nimble Community wish to raise awareness of the importance of Equality and Diversity across their companies at this time. We at Nimble fully support this and want to help our customers wherever we can. This free course is part of our wider initiative to support our community during times of crisis, with releases such as a full COVID-19 course for free, and a five-course Working From Home Essentials pack to customers for just £1 per learner, a fraction of the regular cost. If we can help, we will."

Whether as part of onboarding or refresher training, the ability for Nimble customers to rebrand, edit, and adapt the course themselves to their own company's requirements is of utmost importance. This allows them to add in their own policies and materials that are of relevance to them. In addition, the course has been certified by the CPD Certification Service and counts toward annual CPD requirements.