Training and Learning

Solve impact mysteries like an L&D detective

Kevin M YatesLondon (UK), July 2020 - This year, the 2020 Learning Technologies Summer Forum (#LTSF20) will take place online across five days: 13-17 July. On 14 July, during the intensive period of online learning collaboration, Kevin M Yates, Impact Analytics Program Manager, Facebook, will host a session.

What are the facts that show impact for training? Is there evidence for the effect of learning on behavior, performance, and actions? Are there clues that reveal the connection among training, learning, performance, and business goals?

Donald Taylor, LTSF Chair, explains, "In the spirit of great detectives like Sherlock Holmes, we'll discuss how to conduct an investigation to solve one of the greatest mysteries in learning and development: the impact of training and learning. We’ll examine how to use measurement to evaluate results. We’ll explore how to use data and fact-based evidence to build the case for learning’s influence on performance and performance's influence on achieving business goals.

"Solve impact mysteries like an L&D detective" takes place on 14 July, 11:00 - 11:45 (London time) and covers how to

  • proactively plan for training and learning solutions that measurably impact behavior, performance, and actions
  • build training and learning solutions with specific targets for business and performance outcomes
  • use measurement and data as evidence for results