Pinnacle Solutions

Virtual X Training (VXT©) Product Line

Huntsville, AL (USA), July 2020 - Pinnacle Solutions, an aerospace focused engineering and services company headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, has announced the launch of its Virtual X Training (VXT©) product line to address the growing demand for virtual training solutions. VXT© products bring the engagement of real-world training to the modern student in any setting.

Mike Durant, Pinnacle's President and CEO, said, "In military aviation, we have leveraged the benefits of simulation and training for decades, but it has been primarily focused on flight operations. By using emerging technologies such as extended reality (XR), we are now able to produce realistic and cost-effective training solutions for maintenance and back-shop personnel to improve proficiency, shorten training cycles, reduce cost, and improve safety. These benefits become even more significant as flying hour costs increase and aircraft availability remains a critical and irreplaceable tool in the ground force commander's toolbox." 

The Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) family of VXT© products deliver in-depth maintenance training and assessment on aircraft systems, subsystems, and components, as well as fault identification, isolation, and remediation and familiarization. Pinnacle's VXT and VMT products for the UH-60M and UH-60A/L helicopters are currently in use with U.S. Government, Special Operations Forces, and international military customers.

Duke Tucker, Pinnacle's Vice President of Business Development adds, "We are excited to join the VR/AR Association to get actively engaged in the rapidly growing global ecosystem of companies and individuals who are working in XR. The VRARA community is a global community and a great platform to network with potential business and technology partners around the world who are leaders in the industry.  We are also looking to expand the VRARA's presence here in Huntsville in partnership with the VRARA Central Florida Chapter."

Huntsville Alabama, also known as Rocket City, is an important aerospace research-and- development center, with NASA and the US Army having a number of important organizations located there.  John Cunningham, Chapter President VRARA Central Florida Chapter adds, "We are pleased to welcome Pinnacle Solutions to the VRARA. They are a recognized leader in the aerospace training and simulation industry, and Huntsville is an important technology hub for aerospace development.  We also look forward to supporting Pinnacle Solutions to develop the VR/AR ecosystem in Rocket City!"