New Platform

Start Running Online Classes and Webinars with One Click
Sochi (RU), August 2020 - Tutor.Class is a provider of webinar and web conferencing solutions for private tutors, schools, small businesses, and even big corporations. It has been developed especially for education needs.

This spring, Tutor.class announced the release of for teachers, trainers, and small businesses. This is a next generation virtual classroom, and it has a real presence feeling. This release includes a completely refreshed user interface, HD video conferencing, a responsive mobile version, and more natural and engaging steps for online meeting participation and host registration. No technical knowledge is required and everything looks natively clear.

"In working toward creating our next-generation web conferencing platform for teachers and trainers, we wanted to capitalize on our educational sphere experience and create more natural, easy online meetings and a positive teaching environment. We not only deliver HD video and rich audio capabilities, but we make online meetings more like in person - you get a feeling of real class presence. Together with the features we provide, it means more creativity and space for communication, either for individuals or groups." said the CEO of the Tutor.Class platform.

This new platform is available now on all web browsers and is fully supported on all tablets and smartphone devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android phones, and Android tablets.

The video and file sharing feature includes the ability to share videos directly to, which means you can play and pause videos during meetings. Attendees on the phone can also hear the audio from the video. Videos played during the meeting can be fully recorded and stored for the students. Participants can upload presentations and videos and share them as easily as a meeting host can. The content library capacity depends on a particular pricing plan. Real-time tests and surveys give you more information about your audience and make the teaching process more engaging.

The Tutor.Class platform also facilitates more personal and natural interactions between attendees. It contains a whiteboard with lots of features for teaching and demonstrating formulas and code, and offers the opportunity for everyone to keep track of meeting actions such as muting, content sharing, chat, surveys, and interviews. Attendees will be able to clearly see who started sharing content, who muted others, or who muted the entire group.

The Tutor.Class interface is very modern, sophisticated, and easy to use. Customers using any browser are able to experience very high-quality video and audio, without any downloads, software installations, or plugins.

Additionally, Tutor.Class overcomes the traditional limits of peer-to-peer technology through a robust server-side infrastructure that provides video and audio mixing to ensure every attendee has a consistently great experience, even as the number of meeting attendees grows. Legacy browsers (IE and Safari) are also able to participate in meetings through a Flash-based fallback that lets them see the video, but they must dial-in to the conference call for audio.

Tutor.Class strives to constantly innovate and provide technology that continuously improves the ease and affordability of the highest-quality online meetings and webinars. Tutor.Class platform, an intuitive and social approach to communication and collaboration, facilitates an easy and natural way for participants to interact, which improves the effectiveness and productivity of online meetings.

Tutor.Class is a rather young but powerful instrument for teachers and trainers - or whole schools - to conduct their remote classes. It offers a fifteen-day trial period and full-featured and easy-to-use webinar and web conferencing service tailored for any user.

Tutor.class was born based on many tutors' requirements and requests. It offers a complete webinar and web conferencing service built on the company's proven software-as-a-service platform.

Customers are able to invite attendees to the meeting with no time limits and enjoy a full range of features, including integrated video conferencing, phone conferencing, screen sharing, presentation sharing, recording, and social media integration.