Create a Virtual Peer Executive Learning Network

Boston, MA (USA), October 2020 - The Leadership Consortium (TLC) helps best-in-class organizations create the conditions for more and varied leaders to thrive. While all participant profiles are welcome, TLC's programs are designed to support leaders who have been underserved in the past - and who are vital to the future of competitive organizations. Volute is a global forum that enables productivity and learning in an engaging way.

TLC and Volute have partnered to deliver a virtual social learning experience. With Volute as a backdrop, TLC leaders participate in an interactive curriculum facilitated by hand-picked faculty from leading institutions and engage with a diverse and exclusive peer community of executives from best-in-class companies around the world. Core to the TLC experience is engagement and connection for this rich peer executive network, and Volute enables TLC to bring that promise to life in many ways.

Cara Shortsleeve, CEO at TLC, described the essence of the relationship between TLC and Volute: "Delivering premium virtual experiences has always been core to the TLC value proposition and program design. We sought a learning environment that enabled us to cater to busy professionals who value the ability to learn from wherever their work brings them around the globe. We found that In Volute."

Melissa Statires, Executive Director at TLC, added, "In the same way we co-create learning experiences with our clients, we wanted a technology partner to co-create our vision for a premium, modern online experience. When we met Volute CEO Michael Croft, we knew we had found that partner."

"Community is at the forefront of our lifelong learning mission," says Michael. "TLC and Volute share the understanding that flexible work has never been more important. People need virtual community more than ever, as community in the physical world becomes tougher to build."

TLC and Volute enable learners to engage with the learning content that is right for each individual at each moment and to engage with peer learners who are interacting with similar content. "Through Volute, we can flexibly and easily customize each leader's experience, ensuring that all participants are getting exactly what they need at every step of the way, no more and no less. Adding to this, the support team at Volute, led by Melanie Ann, is highly responsive and collaborative, stopping at nothing to ensure TLC and our participant's experience is first class," Melissa shared.

TLC is creating a network of engaged learners, and Volute offers the space for these leaders to learn synchronously while collaborating. "We know that good leaders are often aware of what they need to learn," Cara concluded. "This community-based model of virtual learning adds many more possibilities for how they learn and from whom they learn. It's an essential step forward."