Complete Learning Experience

TalenTeam Expands Content Offerings

London (UK), November 2020 - TalenTeam, an SAP SuccessFactors Gold Partner and reseller and consultant on the HCM technology, has introduced new content offerings for a complete, modern learning experience to help organisations with learning transformation strategies.

TalenTeam continues addressing changing learner expectations by enabling organisations to deliver a world-class learning experience without sacrificing on measurable results and business impact. Organisations are looking for ways to deliver high-quality, curated content from external sources in ways that learners wish to consume it. As a result, instead of a top-down approach, TalenTeam's content offerings allow learners to drive the discovery and consumption of content based on their interests and needs, while making it easy for organisations to ensure that the outcomes of this type of learning are aligned to business goals and are driving increased employee performance.

TalenTeam can now re-sell the SAP Content Stream by Skillsoft solutions, an intelligent digital content experience platform that delivers an immersive learning experience. SAP Content Stream by Skillsoft provides a modern approach to curating content and microlearning that puts the needs and wants of employees first. The main features involve personalisation, easily consumable content, highly visual dashboards, and content curation. It can dramatically increase employee engagement thus driving higher confidence in skills and abilities applied on the job.

TalenTeam now also amplifies the value of SAP SuccessFactors through a partnership with Go1, one of the world's most comprehensive online libraries of learning resources, which provides organisations with instant access to thousands of training courses from the best content providers around the world, covering compliance, professional development, onboarding, management, and more. Connecting SAP SuccessFactors to Go1 makes it easy to have one record of all users’ training since it integrates with SAP SuccessFactors seamlessly, which saves time and allows data to be managed easily.

With these strategic partnerships and valuable content offerings, TalenTeam is helping organisations with digital transformation strategies and crafting the right learning path.

TalenTeam strongly believes that in today's digital business environment, continuous learning is a powerful tool that all organisations need to use to promote talent agility.