Different Perspectives

New Horizons for Education and Vocation Development

Silicon Valley, CA (USA), June 2021 - A researcher, a PhD candidate, a professor, and a vocational training expert, this roundtable about education offers four different perspectives. The online conversation will orbit around new horizons of education and training: take part 29 June, 15 to 16, Pacific Daylight Saving Time. 

The participants will discuss the impact of new technologies, including their experiences and current expectations and opinions about AR and VR. The session will be moderated by Gabriele Sorrento, president of VRARA Silicon Valley Chapter.

The roundtable participants are

  • Jose Maria González - Researcher at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Mohamed Ismail - PhD Candidate in Building Technology at MIT
  • Christian Pongratz - Professor at New York Institute of Technology
  • Tyler Middlestadt - Vocational training expert, IP2d