Back - in Person - Spring 2022

Rebranding VR/AR Global Summit to Immerse Global Summit

Palo Alto, CA (USA), October 2021 - VR and AR technologies are becoming pervasive and integrated into every fabric of our work and our personal lives, including industrial settings, the workplace, the home office, marketing, advertising, gaming, entertainment, social networks, hospitality, healthcare, and education.

At the same time, more technologies are being integrated into VR and AR experiences, like blockchain, 5G, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, real estate technology, customer service, cloud computing, edge networks, PCs, display technology, cloud storage, and cloud services.

The organizers of VR/AR Global Summit believe that AR and VR will continue to be integrated with all the accompanying technologies to drive the next major computing revolution in which technology becomes immersed in our lives and becomes pervasive everywhere. By rebranding as immerse Global Summit, the immerse brand becomes more relevant as we expand tracks into all these technology sectors and verticals. It also enables immerse GLOBAL SUMMIT to be the must-attend conference for technology and business growth.