Mind Tools for Business Webinar

Learning Analyst Laura Overton Explores Annual L&D data

Gent Ahmetaj, Nahdia Khan and Laura OvertonLondon (UK), October 2021 - Join Mind Tools for Business Chief Impact Officer, Nahdia Khan, and Head of Research, Gent Ahmetaj, as they delve into this year's Annual L&D Benchmark Report findings with award-winning learning analyst, Laura Overton.

The opportunity to reinvent L&D is here, so what's next?

Join the live Mind Tools for Business discussion to dig deeper into their Annual Report and explore how organisations need to be faster and more responsive to maintain a competitive advantage today.

Laura Overton is an author, facilitator, and award-winning learning analyst dedicated to uncovering and sharing progressive practices that add strategic business value. She led a fifteen-year global research programme that explored impactful learning strategies. Her work through #Learningchangemakers and Emerging Stronger continues to support and inform the changing world of workplace learning.

Nahdia, Gent and Laura will reflect on the current situation and future outlook for L&D through key findings from Mind Tools' 2021 Annual L&D Benchmark Report, "Innovate, Dominate or Decline."

Be part of a discussion that will cover practical topics such as

  • Post-pandemic L&D trends and those that have been heavily accelerated by COVID-19
  • How to break path dependency and tackle new and evolving organisational challenges
  • Behaviours of top-performing L&D leaders and what their teams do differently.