New Director of Thrive

SweetRush's Organizational Culture Transformation

Gregg KendrickSan Francisco, CA (USA), November 2021 - SweetRush, an industry-leading provider of organizational culture transformation and learning solutions, announces the appointment of Gregg Kendrick as Director of Thrive by SweetRush. Kendrick brings nearly four decades of business experience to the role, as an entrepreneur, CEO, business leader, and as an independent culture and leadership consultant and executive coach.

Kendrick's experience and vision evolves and strengthens Thrive's work in culture and leader transformation. Using human-needs-based frameworks and processes, such as needs-based communication (NVC™), Kendrick has supported conscious leaders to create cultures where people and purpose matter.

"Transformation can mean many things, but for me and for the work we do at Thrive, it's specifically the movement of an organization toward valuing its people," says Kendrick. "This work is about shifting mindsets and language, and merging culture with strategy and organizational goals. Leaders are more powerful and more effective when they lead through trust and intrinsic motivation. But our traditional leadership skill set is grossly inadequate to take us there. I don't know of a better lever to create impact than to shift leaders toward this mindset: showing up with love and trust - with their inherent gentleness and fierceness - is the defining way of being an effective leader."

Thrive by SweetRush helps leaders make that mindset shift by creating experiences and spaces for authentic conversations that spark change conversations that are often avoided or have been ineffective in the past, and that have stifled advancement within the team. A range of services, including executive coaching, executive team coaching, culture assessments, and training for new skill sets, are all part of the offering, tailored to the needs of each organization.

"We started Thrive by SweetRush because of our clients. They would ask how we created our unique culture at SweetRush and how we've become such a high-performing team," said Andrei Hedstrom, Cofounder and CEO. "There's a natural connection between culture and learning, in that we put people-life at the center of organizational transformation. With Gregg on board, we can help leaders and their people become more resilient and find joy in their work."

"There is not another company that I would work for other than SweetRush. We live the work we bring to others. We show up differently than what clients are used to, and they literally feel it," says Kendrick.

Outside of work, Kendrick enjoys using his carpentry and woodworking skills to renovate and preserve his 100-year-old home, as well as sailing and canoeing. He has lived in Charlottesville, Virginia, for more than 30 years with his wife, Lisa, with whom he has had the joy of raising three daughters.