KX Launches Its On-Demand Training Portal
London (UK), November 2021 - KX, a worldwide leader in real-time data analytics, has announced the launch of the "KX Academy", an online portal for on-demand training. Accessible from the main KX website, the Academy marks a significant development in the overall KX training roadmap, giving both experienced and new KX users access to free, self-led, interactive training and on-demand training videos.

The launch is timely, as digital skills have become an increasingly sought-after trait amongst recruiters. KX research has revealed that 90% of firms believe that in order to remain competitive, they must increase investment in data analytics; however, 49% believe a lack of skills and people is a barrier for capitalizing on this technology.

Adding to the already expansive programme of in-person training offered by KX, the Academy will help train users in the data skills of the future, further increasing access to the game-changing power of KX.

Speaking on the launch, Eric Raab, CTO KX said, "As more and more organizations look to use the power of real-time analytics to drive business decision making, KX Academy is a powerful new asset to help users develop their skills using our market-leading technology, and maximize its full potential."

In a move that has already been welcomed by the KX development community, KX Academy offers access to a live sandbox development environment with pre-loaded data sets, enabling users to see first hand the power of KX and the positive impact it could have on their business. The sandbox environment provides free access to a range of products, including KX Developer and KX Dashboards; everything is set up for the user with simple two-click access.

The Academy also offers a range of courses including introductory sessions on KX Dashboards, KX Developer, and KX Insights, as well as the KX Introductory Workshop and KX Fundamentals course for those looking to learn core kdb+. This, coupled with a range of video tutorials, will show users how they can take full advantage of the power of kdb+ without having to learn the programming language q in the first instance. On completion of KX Academy courses, users will be awarded Community badges to recognize their KX Certification.

The unveiling of the Academy comes hot on the heels of the launch of the KX Community, an online platform where KX users, experts, enthusiasts, and peers are able to come together to ask questions and collaborate on their progress in KX Academy and wider KX related discussions.

Together, the KX Academy and KX Community will be game changers for KX training, equipping users with the tools and knowledge needed to leverage the power of the world's fastest streaming analytics technology for real-time decision making.