Digitisation behind Zoopla's Move to New LMS

Birmingham (UK), April 2022 - Faster onboarding and improved user experience, that's what the thousands of estate agents who use Zoopla can expect with their switch to a new learning management system.

The property giant is working with Omniplex Learning, a UK-based provider of digital learning solutions, to digitise training programs utilising market-leading LMS Docebo.

This move sees Zoopla shift away from face-to-face onboarding and will result in estate agents across the country being able to get up to speed and list their properties online even faster than before.

Helen Barraclough, Head of Customer Education at Zoopla, said, "As soon as we saw the Docebo learning management system, we knew it would enable us to create a great learning platform for our customers on Alto.

The in-depth features and user experience is a real game changer for us, and it will make a massive difference in helping us to serve our customers even more efficiently."

For Zoopla, onboarding is an essential part of the business, with estate agents needing the required training before they can start listing properties online. And like many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic left them looking for a digital solution.

By digitising this training and removing the reliance on face-to-face sessions, agents will be able to reduce the time it takes to complete the entire onboarding process.

Barraclough added, "It will make a massive difference to the speed in which our customers are able to hit the ground running. It removes any waiting or challenges that might come with face-to-face training, as all of the learning will be right there at our customers' fingertips."

Docebo isn't the first tool that Zoopla have implemented from Omniplex Learning. They also use the Articulate 360 authoring tool to create learning content, which they will now be able to house in one place using Docebo.

Andrei Grayson, Head of Sales at Omniplex Learning, said, "We're absolutely thrilled to be working with Zoopla. We've seen a huge demand from businesses that want to bring their training and onboarding online, and we have the perfect products and services to help them do just that."

Zoopla is already up and running with Docebo and will be working with Omniplex Learning to continue the rollout of their new LMS in the coming months.