Remote Weapon Systems

Augmented Reality Headset as Defense System to Ukraine
Sunnyvale, CA (USA) / Marupe (LVA), April 2022 - (by Kris Kolo, Ukraine) Lightspace CEO, Madara Kalniņa-Kalnmale, was interviewed by TV3 Group news about the campaign they have launched as a response to Ukraine's request for help. The aim of the project is to support Ukraine with more advanced technology solutions and deliver remote weapon systems (RWS) for those who fight at the front line against unprecedented aggression.

Ukrainians on the front lines need military technology solutions that will strengthen their defense and create a more advanced and better-equipped force. The Ukrainian army needs effective operations planning and execution solutions that would reduce the dangers of their being in high-risk zones, while still successfully protecting the country and its people.

This project aims to deliver 50 units of augmented reality headset-assisted remote weapon systems that will allow the Ukrainian forces to act with a higher capacity, achieve enhanced survivability, and undergo reduced risks due to the separation of fire application points from personnel positions.

The augmented reality enhanced remote weapon station allows soldiers to be within a distance of up to 10km from the system, depending on tactical requirements, thus not exposing them to high-risk environments.

The RWS units have many advantages, such as a fast setup and a high degree of mobility. The units are portable and allow nearly hands-free operation, as AR vision in combination with remote control is used. The system includes day/night/thermal targeting.

The campaign is run by Teters, a fast-growing licensed developer, supplier, and manufacturer of defense and security solutions in Latvia since 2010 (CAGE/NCAGE A0Q8D). The company's core offer is products for military engineering units - armor-penetrating, shaped and EFP charges; demolition and obstacle-clearing kits; and other explosives products and related systems for all kinds of military applications. The company is also developing AI-enhanced ISR electronic devices such as remote weapon stations. Teters works closely with local and international partners from NATO countries and Ukraine.

To support Teters' remote weaponry, the company has chosen Lightspace - a breakthrough AR technology provider. Lightspace is a manufacturer of AR headsets intended for use in any scenario that requires remote assistance. Their headsets are the very first AR devices in the world capable of reconstructing virtual objects up to the smallest detail, creating optically precise images, crucial for detecting target position.