New Vision - to Be the Only Complete Learning and Skills Platform
Nottingham (UK), May 2022 - In an open letter, THRIVE CEO, Sean Reddington, announced a new vision for the future of the innovative learning technology company; one which enables a consolidated approach to upskilling, learning, communications, and collaborative knowledge sharing in what he says will create a truly holistic view for agile L&D teams, modern businesses, and the people powering them.

Citing growing confusion in the industry, over-complicated tech stacks, misleading acronyms, and unclear costs, THRIVE's repositioning promises to provide a simpler approach to learning and skill development.

Reddington said, "It's time to cut through the noise and mobilise the learning sector to simplify the conversation, focusing on more transparency and less jargon.

"With our new skills platform launch being unveiled soon, we're going to show how THRIVE has evolved from its roots as an LXP into something so much more. We're putting our stake in the ground as the only complete learning and skills platform, providing all the tools needed to power an agile L&D function. And we're not charging our customers a penny more for it."

THRIVE Co-Founder, Mark Ward, added, "We wanted to make it easier for learning teams to identify fast-paced changes to the learning and skills landscape, respond with agility, and then reap the rewards."

Full details of what's coming in the platform will be released at London's Learning Technologies on 04-05 May. THRIVE's Chief Marketing Officer, Cassie Gasson, is looking forward to making a splash with the announcement: "We're so excited to be able to finally share what THRIVE has been working on and how the technology is evolving. The show is going to give us the perfect opportunity to launch our new positioning to the learning and skills industry and showcase how the platform is going to help even more organisations  reach their goals."

THRIVE's announcement arrives against a backdrop of customer research involving Sky, Sumo Digital, Essentra, and many more, as well as emerging market research that highlights the immediate need for an agile approach to skills.

Gartner HR Research found 58% of today's workforce will need new skills to do their jobs successfully by 2030. And in the 2022 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report, it was found that LinkedIn members' skills for the same occupation changed by around 25% from 2015 to 2021, with the same figure expected to rise to 40% by 2025.