Tools for a Learning Journey

Guroo Producer's Learning Canvas Is Now Freely Available

Guroo CEO Josh HumphriesSurry Hills (AU), July 2022 - The Learning Canvas is designed to give organisations the tools they need to craft a learning journey that will engage their learners and deliver results. One of the most essential steps in creating effective learning is developing a plan: understanding the needs and goals not just of your organisation, but of your learners and stakeholders, and building a learning plan that meets those needs. Guroo CEO Josh Humphries wants to make it as simple as possible for organisations everywhere to build the plan that's right for them.

Guroo want to make it easy for every organisation to create better, more effective learning, which is why they’re pleased to announce that the Learning Canvas is now freely available. By giving free access to this set of scoping and planning tools to everyone who wishes to use it, the company aims to help every organisation create learning that will help it achieve its goals and drive real change. Guroo are extremely excited to see the learning journeys that users, new and old, will create with the Learning Canvas.

The Learning Canvas guides users step by step as they identify the needs, requirements, and key elements of their program. As the learning plan is being developed, the Learning Canvas journey mapper helps map the complete learning experience through all phases, from awareness through to refreshers and evaluation.

In addition to making the Learning Canvas free, the latest Guroo Producer update has added new features and functionality that assist users in developing a plan for how they will track and measure the success of their learning and make use of learning analytics. The enhancements also facilitate the creation of more detailed journey maps through the inclusion of new views that make it easier for users to carry the work they do in their initial scoping workshops with them as they reinvent their learning.