Vision for L&D

Upside Learning Appoints Clark Quinn as Chief Learning Strategist

Clark QuinnPune (IN), October 2022 - Upside Learning, a leading global provider of end-to-end digital learning solutions for Fortune 1000 companies, has announced the appointment of Clark Quinn as its Chief Learning Strategist. Clark Quinn Ph.D. is an internationally renowned learning consultant, speaker, and author. He has been involved in the design, development, and evaluation of a wide variety of educational technology for over 40 years. 

He integrates creativity, cognitive science, and technology to develop award-winning learning and performance support systems.

Clark has authored multiple books on learning and also holds the honor of being awarded as eLearning Guild's first Guild Master in 2012. He currently also shoulders the responsibility of being the Executive Director of Quinnovation and a Co-Director at the Learning Development Accelerator (known colloquially as the LDA).

At Upside Learning, Clark will guide and coach the team to create deeper learning experiences for their clients through crafting evidence-based learning strategies. This will help further strengthen the quality and impact of the learning solutions they create. Clark will also consult with Upside Learning's key clients to analyze their learning strategies and initiatives.

Clark is enthusiastic about this new role: "I am excited to join the Upside Learning team at this critical juncture in their growth journey. With Upside's commitment to helping L&D leaders understand how deeper learning experiences can aid learning retention and learning transfer for their workforce, I feel this is an excellent opportunity for both parties."

"I have always been passionate about enabling L&D to deliver on the promise of evidence-based learning practices to create deeper learning experiences. It feels like a natural progression in my career to be involved in shaping that change along with the Upside Learning team. I believe that, together, we will be able to make a substantive difference to the learning industry", Clark continues.

Amit Garg, Founder and CEO of Upside Learning, commented, "With our vision for L&D to 'Go Beyond', Upside Learning embarked on a very interesting journey a few years back, which was fueled by a better and deeper understanding of the learning science and research. We made remarkable progress and are at a key stage in this growth journey right now."

Amit added, "This is the perfect time for us to have someone who believes in our vision and can shoulder the responsibility of helping both Upside Learning and our clients move to the next level. I am ecstatic to have Clark take up this role. His rich experience will help Upside Learning and its clients alike. With Clark's support, we hope to enable L&D teams within our client organizations to be seen as strategic partners for their companies' growth and not merely as internal solution providers for learning."