Course in AR

Simplilearn Partners with Meta Immersive Learning

San Francisco, CA (USA), October 2022 - Edtech skilling platform Simplilearn has inked a pact with Meta Immersive Learning to provide training in courses using augmented reality. The program is best suited for software developers, digital marketers, animators, and AI engineers.

The program, Spark AR, offers an understanding of the skills required to create basic effects using augmented reality. "These courses will be launched in India, the US, Europe, Middle East, and other key markets, and will help learners get a grasp of the basics of creating interactive and engaging user experiences and effects," said the digital platform.

Students will learn the usage of 3D modeling, textures, and other features of Spark AR Studio in order to start or boost their careers.

"Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality are becoming more pervasive in all aspects of life. As these technologies take over the tasks, qualified professionals are required to create and manage them across industries," said Krishna Kumar, Founder and CEO, Simplilearn.

"We are offering this program in partnership with Meta on our SkillUp platform for free so that learners and AR/VR enthusiasts can gain a deep understanding of the concepts and up-skill at no cost," he added.