L&D Plenary

OEB - Moving beyond the Daily Grind

Berlin (GER), October 2022 - The OEB Conference's workforce L&D plenary on 25 November will look at how learning and development can deliver both its day-to-day training and support its organisation's long-term goals.

The last day of the OEB Conference, taking place in Berlin 23-25 November, will start with an opening plenary that considers how L&D might better succeed with two seemingly intractable positions: delivering its 'day-to-day' and the organisation's future talent needs.

This not-to-be-missed session for all those involved in learning and development will be led by leading international experts in the fields of L&D, talent, and HR: Meredith Wellard, VP Group Learning Talent and HR Platforms, Deutsche Post DHL; Berna Ostinaz, Chief Human Resources Officer, GENEL ENERGY PLC; and Lukas Lewandowski, Country Manager DACH, Coursera. It will be moderated by Donald H Taylor, Chair, Learning Technologies Conference.

It's a different world now, very different from a few years ago. People, their skills, and knowledge have moved from the wings to centre stage. And, driven by the pandemic, we now have a wider-than-ever range of ways of supporting people as they develop. L&D should be a strategic matter, supporting the organisation's long-term goals by developing the talent it needs for the future.

At the same time, L&D is still largely responsible for the essential daily training every organisation needs - ensuring the business is compliant and that people can do their jobs today, never mind tomorrow.

Session moderator Donald H Taylor asks, “How can L&D both complete routine training to a high standard and be a key supporter of business strategy? It's a demanding role, but some organisations are making it happen. Join us to learn how CLOs are stepping up and making an impact in these difficult times."

The Workforce L&D plenary will take place at 09.30, 25 November.