OEB 2022

Making the Journey from Learning to Performance

Berlin (GER), November 2022 - One of the biggest challenges organisations face is moving from learning to performance. At OEB 2022, Senior L&D Consultant Henriette Kloots will help answer some of the fundamental questions about this process in a session entitled "Making the Journey from Learning to Performance". The OEB Conference will take place in Berlin, 23-25 November.

What does it actually take to move - to make the transition - from learning to performance? What skills does your L&D team need? How are you and your team challenged on this journey?

In this hands-on "how to" session, participants are invited onto a large, physical floor mat containing a graphic visualisation of the journey from learning to performance. This remarkable visualisation helps them to see immediately what they need to improve, where their challenges lie, and what they need to work on with their stakeholders.

Join this session to understand the steps it takes to move from a learning to a performance mindset, the challenges you face, and how to involve leadership and stakeholders.

Making the Journey from Learning to Performance will take place 25 Nov at 14:15.