eCom Learning Solutions

Mobile-First Workforce Management

Dunfermline (SCT), November 2022 - Organisations wanting to maintain their competitive edge by investing in their people can now use an overarching learning platform to gain valuable insights into their workers' learning, skills, competencies, engagement, and performance.

One such platform - eNetEnterprise, from eCom Learning Solutions, one of Scotland's leading digital learning and assessment specialists - goes beyond merely providing, managing, and monitoring the learning materials needed to keep workers productive, efficient, and effective.

Described as a "mobile-first workforce management solution", eNetEnterprise is a flexible cloud-based platform designed to improve people, talent identification, learning, and performance processes across larger organisations and is already in use by more than 50,000 users in both the private and public sectors.

Comprising six foundational modules that can function together or individually, the platform measures and monitors compliance across an organisation, including creating a competency framework for each job role. It also provides a complete picture of skills development across the organisation, showing such things as training plans and records, career pathways, and learning groups.

The platform can bring new employees up to speed quickly and then continues to offer relevant training and development opportunities. It also provides secure online forums for learning, coaching, mentoring, and moderated discussion.

Furthermore, eNetEnterprise supports an organisation's people strategy, gathering feedback via Personal Development Plans, 360 reviews, evaluations, surveys, and assessments. In addition, its in-built business intelligence tool allows users to create unique reports from dynamic sets of data.

Wendy Edie, eCom's Managing Director, commented, "Using eNetEnterprise addresses organisational issues including

  • existing solutions' complexity
  • lack of flexibility, innovation, and delivery options in legacy systems
  • lack of insight about learning, skills, competencies, engagement and performance
  • lack of infrastructure and resources to deploy solutions internally
  • poor integration between existing systems and technologies
  • overcoming issues relating to keeping up to date with compliance and regulatory demands.

"Furthermore, with eNetEnterprise's social app, you can add communities of practice, giving multiple options for social learning, such as peer support and moderated discussion, as well as full support for competency statements. This should provide a clear view of talent development across the organisation."

Hosted on the Azure elastic cloud infrastructure, a fully secure solution trusted by 95% of the Fortune 500 companies, and with global content distribution via Azure CDN, eCom believes that eNetEnterprise users can be confident that no matter the demand from learners, full access will always be available wherever and whenever they need it. Moreover, the platform can deliver a wide range of L&D activities, including via virtual reality (VR).

Wendy Edie added, "Even in areas with poor levels of internet connectivity, the eNetEnterprise mobile app allows learners to download available resources and complete their activity offline, and then synchronise these when an internet connection is available. So, all learners can use the same system to record their results in the same way, using the same process."