LearningOps Framework

Rise Up Empowers Teams to Do Their Best Work Every Day

London (UK), November 2022 - Rise Up, a fast-growing European employee learning software solution, has unveiled its new Own Today purpose, alongside a new framework to drive organizational transformation and enable learning to work at business speed: LearningOpsTM. Rise Up empowers all team members to do their best work every day and offers organizations a new way to stay "up to skill" each day.

Today, learning is one of the most fundamental business challenges and top of mind for both CEOs and employees. However, 70% of employees have not mastered the skills they need for their jobs today. Being future ready, therefore, requires solving the skills gap today.

Rise Up Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer Arnaud Blachon explains, "At Rise Up, we believe that happiness at work starts by making sure that all team members feel empowered to do their best work every day. We help organizations and their teams stay up to skill to be ready for each day. Our new Own Today purpose means acting now, and continuously, to advance learning for everyone and every organization."

Own Today inspired Rise Up's new pragmatic and operational LearningOpsTM framework fuelled by tech, designed for people, and driven by performance. This framework drives transformation and enables organizations to accelerate Time to SkillTM, measuring how fast an organization gets up to skill on a new topic. LearningOpsTM synchronizes learning with business objectives, thanks to a business-driven methodology; offers scalability through Rise Up's innovative technology stack; drives effectiveness with customer-driven service; and measures Time to SkillTM through ongoing evaluation.

Rise Up Global Customer Experience Director Tom Higgins states, "Just as DevOps reinvented development, we are leading LearningOpsTM to revolutionize the approach to L&D. Our methodology identifies business goals, explores challenges, builds solutions, delivers personalized experiences, and measures impact. LearningOpsTM is the winning framework to make training work at business speed."

LearningOpsTM allows organizations to get in sync with business; gives all talents their own learning program; makes training a part of teams' daily routines; creates scalable content for all learners quickly and easily; and benefits from support for success. This new approach to learning creates a winning relationship among L&D, trainees, and management; delivers a learning framework for the whole organization; matches monthly business KPIs with training; offers instant and on-the-spot know-how; delivers training at business speed; and helps organizations be constantly ready for each day, every day.