No-Code Interface

Enabling Rapid Creation of Social VR Experiences

Los Angeles, CA (USA), November 2022 - Zoe Immersive, an award-winning metaverse software company with a mission to democratize content creation, has been working with Meta for almost a year on the launch of the Zoe platform. Zoe enables anyone, regardless of their technical know-how, to create immersive virtual environments for collaboration, entertainment, learning, and more.

Launching on Meta Quest 2 and compatible with Meta Quest Pro headsets today, the Zoe app empowers a new generation of builders to create and innovate using immersive technologies. The app is currently available as a free download in the Meta Quest Store and will come later to mobile devices. Paid subscriptions are also now available for pre-order with a 30% discount until 10 November.

"In just minutes, Zoe gives the ability to create and monetize truly interactive experiences and activities," said Emilie Joly, co-founder and CEO of Zoe Immersive. "With Zoe you can create anything you have in mind. It has been used to host remote workshops, virtual classrooms, project based learning activities, meetups, events, and to create interactive stories, adventure games, and even mini-games for therapy. With Zoe, there are truly no limits to 3D innovation."

User experience is often cited as one of the greatest obstacles to VR and AR adoption in a market that is expected to be worth more than $5 trillion by 2025 (McKinsey Metaverse Report 2022). Zoe removes barriers to entry and provides anyone with the means, methods, built-in templates, and tools to create, teach, and innovate from anywhere and with anyone.

As the learning economy expands, Zoe will allow for creators to monetize their learning content through marketplace opportunities. More than 30,000 users have already created with the Zoe beta, and it can be used in a number of industries including

  • Business - collaboration, team building, employee projects, soft skills training
  • Education - STEM activities, storytelling, process explanations
  • Marketing/Entertainment - branded experiences, online events, adventure games
  • Healthcare - Mindful/meditation experiences, mini-games for therapy and disabilities

Early versions of the Zoe beta were tested with universities and schools, and more than 2,700 educational institutions have used Zoe either on their own or with their students. The global mobile learning market is expected to grow from $42.16 billion in 2021 to $54.36 billion (The Business Research Company report) in 2022, and school systems need tools that are easy to use and easy to integrate into the classroom. Zoe meets this need by allowing students to learn 21st century skills, while also learning valuable planning skills, project management, critical thinking, and problem solving.