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Fearless Futures Launches eLearning Tool Available Worldwide

New York, NY (USA), November 2022 - Fearless Futures, an international diversity, equity, and inclusion training and consultancy firm, announces the launch of its premier eLearning program, eLearning: Foundations to Inclusion and Equity, which educates participants on how to build inclusion and equity into their organization. 

Known for its transformative virtual and in-person trainings, Fearless Futures expands the accessibility of its educational offerings with this eLearning tool, enabling both smaller companies and corporations with teams too large to make instructor-led live training feasible for all to advance their own anti-oppression learning in a cost-effective manner and at their own pace.

Through the program, Fearless Futures pushes eLearning to a higher level of effectiveness by keeping participants deeply invested through engaging facilitators and short chapters, while also preserving the gravity of the subject matters. Unlike typical online DEI trainings, which are mainly intended to avoid workplace litigation and therefore set a very low bar in terms of actual education, this program covers the foundational concepts of systemic oppression, intersectionality, and equity.
The studio-produced experience, which includes interactions, engaging animations, and historical footage, is slightly over two hours and structured in 17 bite-size video chapters, interspersed with activities. Foundations to Inclusion and Equity is accessible on computers and mobile devices and available globally in English, with captions in different languages upon request.

"Making intersectional equity and inclusion education available to a large audience has always been a driving force of our organization, and we are thrilled to now offer a tool that expands accessibility as well as affordability," said Hanna Naima McCloskey, founder and CEO of Fearless Futures. "We believe that everyone has a right to this education, which is key to achieving profound change. Now, from the palm of their hands or within their homes, folks can participate in the in-depth analysis required to understand intersecting oppressive systems that exist in our workplaces with our eLearning tool."

Initially developed to support schools' DEI efforts in 2014, Fearless Futures was founded by Hanna Naima McCloskey, now a seasoned facilitator and educator, to give students the tools to engage with the nuance and complexity of oppression. Following the organization's initial success, Hanna expanded Fearless Futures' teachings to cater to leaders in the corporate world in 2016, a demographic in urgent need of anti-oppression training. Since then, Fearless Futures has served employees of all levels - from c-suite leadership to junior staff - working in organizations across a variety of industries, including technology, finance, media, and more.