Intuitive Interface

iSpring Solutions Inc. Launches Quiz Maker 11

Alexandria, VA (USA), December 2022 - iSpring Solutions Inc., a global leader in the eLearning software and services sector, has launched iSpring Quiz Maker 11, a convenient, functional, and easy-to-learn quiz creation tool with an intuitive interface.

Create interactive HTML5 and SCORM quizzes and surveys, and publish them to the web or an LMS. It's possible to use templates with 14 question types and illustrate the content with graphics and animations.

Additional key features of iSpring QuizMaker 11 include

  • customizable quiz design, with a slide view mode for designing quiz slides. Users can choose one of the pre-designed themes or create one by customizing the layout, color, background, and fonts.
  • branching scenarios, with which users can build interactive experiences for the examinees that take them to different questions or info slides depending on their answer choices
  • individual feedback, through the creation of custom feedback messages for each answer choice. The feedback can be enhanced with images, videos, or detailed instructions.
  • audio-based questions that educators can use in their quizzes
  • quizzes and tests with equations can be created with a built-in equation editor, with which users can create quizzes and tests that contain mathematical symbols and expressions, including square root, power, integral, and many others.

Educators can create new tests with iSpring Quiz Maker or import existing ones from the Excel tables.