Tech Leaders Urge a Pause in the "Out-of-Control" AI Race

Elliott MasieSaratoga Springs, NY (USA), April 2023 - (by Elliott Masie) My focus this year has been on the explosive growth and "hype" about Open AI's tools, including ChatGPT. Recently, a number of tech leaders, including Steve Wozniak, have advocated that there be a "pause" on the release of the next versions of ChatGPT in order to get a better sense of how the power of AI will impact our society, business, education, and more.

Whether or not there is an official "pause" in the rate of release of enhanced AI tools, it is clear that these technologies will be significantly impacting our conversations about the future of learning and education.

Here are a number of the questions that we should be addressing:

  • copyrights and content ownership - How will the rights of content that is harvested on the web be respected by Open AI? If a chat request yields text or pictures from content, is that legal or kosher?
  • internal content repositories - For organizational users of ChatGPT, the requests will only access public and open content, but we want our employees to access internal content, procedures, rules, and best practices. How do we build and then point chat requests by authorized users to the internal content collection?
  • learning development with AI - What are models for leveraging the machine learning and AI power of these tools in shaping and structuring instructional design? Can learners build their own learning experiences through personal chat requests?
  • certification, assessment, and credentials in the AI world - How does assessment and even certification change? Can we move to a continuous assessment model vs. "sit-down" event for credential evaluation?
  • coaching, workflow support, and nudges with AI - Do we want to embed coaching, workflow support and even "nudges" delivered through AI to workers on a personalized and situational basis?
  • AI in role change and replacement - How will AI be used to shape significant changes in roles and even jobs in the divisions of organizations?
  • augmented learning - How can we combine AI, VR, and face-to-face learning experiences?

I believe that it is time for the learning and human resource national and global organizations to help facilitate these conversations with both the technology innovators and organizational leaders.

AI tools are already here and in our lives! The reason for a "pause" is to accelerate the development of strategies for how we best use, alter, or even avoid certain AI tools that would have a negative impact on our lives and businesses. It is time for us to experiment, explore, and field-test the current AI tools, as we provide feedback and guidance on future development. We need to be ready to shape the innovations ahead.

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