Managers and Leaders

Hemsley Fraser Framework to Develop Key Capabilities for Success

London (UK), April 2023 - Learning and talent development provider Hemsley Fraser has created a new framework designed to develop the best managers and leaders. Highly flexible and adaptive, the leadership and management framework can accommodate the different dynamics and contexts required by organisations of every size, as well as all types of industries.

Working with subject experts and customers globally, and drawing on its thirty-year people and leadership development expertise - as well as the latest thinking, insight, and evidence, and working with subject experts and customers globally - Hemsley has asked what good people management looks like in today's unpredictable global work environment. The new framework is the response to this and takes a human-centric approach that is enabled by technology, not driven by it.

The model places the manager/leader at the centre and encompasses development across the mindset, skillset, and toolset needed to be successful in leadership roles today. It identifies the top ten capabilities managers and leaders need to be successful.

Sally Hurrell, Interim CEO, Hemsley Fraser, says, "We have found that the best leaders and managers demonstrate ten capabilities - from sustainable performance and nurturing change to building relationships and growing talent. Some of these capabilities are enduring, whilst others have evolved more recently, but they are common to all organisations in different workplace contexts and cultures. For example, after the last 24 months of upheavals, understanding and nurturing change readiness is now a requirement for today's managers, when it was previously seen as a situational need or competency.

"To help create this deeper understanding, managers need to embrace empathy and authenticity as well as have the confidence to acknowledge when they don't know something.  Our new framework has been designed with human behaviour at its core, to create learning experiences that are engaging, rewarding, and impactful for individuals, teams, and organisations alike."

The ten capabilities the Hemsley framework focuses around are leading inclusively; being authentic; growing talent; nurturing change readiness; fostering psychological safety; having straightforward conversations; building connections and relationships; creating purposeful agile plans; delivering sustainable performance, and providing direction and clarity.