New Product

Cornerstone Announces Opportunity Marketplace

London (UK), April 2023 - Cornerstone OnDemand has launched a new career growth, mobility, and talent marketplace: Opportunity Marketplace, a new product available within Cornerstone's Talent Experience Platform.

Opportunity Marketplace combines the power of artificial intelligence and the principles of human-centred design to unlock new possibilities for people and enable organisations to improve employee engagement, retention, workforce agility, and internal mobility.

Unlike internal job marketplaces and other talent point solutions, Opportunity Marketplace leverages AI to unify skills, people, and job-role data across multiple talent solutions - including recruiting, learning, and performance - to connect employees to projects, gigs, learning paths, mentorships, and open roles in order to assist them in discovering new ways to contribute and belong.

By empowering people with consumer-grade tools to take control of their own growth and career development, Opportunity Marketplace addresses some of today's most urgent business challenges related to workforce planning, employee productivity, engagement, and retention.

With Opportunity Marketplace, organisations can

  • improve workforce planning
    Quickly changing strategic priorities mean businesses must respond to dynamic needs and market shifts at a moment's notice. Opportunity Marketplace improves visibility into workforce skills so businesses can quickly upskill or match employees to opportunities and projects for greater workforce agility.
  • enable internal talent sourcing
    Looking externally for candidates is not always viable, and finding the right talent with the right skills is more competitive than ever. Opportunity Marketplace increases the transparency of the skills, experiences, and preferences of a given workforce so businesses can easily source employees in their existing talent pool for open roles or projects.
  • empower internal mobility
    According to Cornerstone's 2023 research on talent-mobility trends, 73% of employees want to know about career opportunities inside their organisation, and 47% would be more satisfied if they had more opportunities to explore careers internally. Opportunity Marketplace improves employee access and exposure to internal opportunities for career growth, enabling people to discover new ways to contribute and belong within an organisation rather than seeking advancement elsewhere. Employees can also plan for future career moves through a seamless GPS-like experience, with access to explore relevant coaching, mentoring, and learning opportunities.

The rapidly evolving talent landscape shows no signs of slowing. Career paths are changing, employees are craving flexibility, and organisations - like people - are looking around every corner for opportunities to grow and surpass their potential," said Himanshu Palsule, CEO, Cornerstone.

"For businesses to truly thrive today, it's imperative they seek out new strategies and emerging technologies that will foster an agile and adaptable workplace. Cornerstone's Opportunity Marketplace goes beyond the one-dimensional job boards and talent marketplaces of today. It is a holistic solution that businesses can implement to create engaging learning, performance, and development paths for their people. Opportunity Marketplace fosters a more engaged, self-developing workforce and better positions organisations for longevity and success."

Meredith Wellard, Vice President of Group Learning Talent and Platforms at Deutsche Post DHL, and an early adopter of Opportunity Marketplace, said, "Opportunity Marketplace is an AI-based tool that has really changed the way we look at the future world for us. At the click of a button, we can identify the next best career move for any given role inside our organisation and skills have that may be transferable to other parts of the business or that they would like to develop further to be a stronger candidate for another division or another country. It opens the door for endless possibilities for our people and our business."