Structured Learning Journeys

Ciphr Now Offers Enhanced HR System Training

Buckinghamshire (UK), May 2023 - HR software provider Ciphr has revamped and relaunched its digital learning platform, Ciphr Academy. Its new and enhanced customer training portal and offering aims to help more of its HR-software users become "HR system experts".

Ciphr Academy recently became available to all existing Ciphr HR software users and will be rolled out to customers with subscriptions to its other people management software solutions - Ciphr iRecruit, Ciphr LMS, and Ciphr Payroll - over the coming year.

Ciphr's new customer training provision has been designed to be even more closely aligned with customer needs, with enhanced functionality and content formats, improved UX design, and an impressive assortment of new blended learning activities and resources, to ensure users get the maximum benefit, value, and ROI, from their Ciphr HR system.

Individuals’ wishes regarding interaction and experience training has shifted significantly over the past few years, and successful digital adoption relies on giving people a choice of tailored training techniques that suit their learning needs and preferences. That's why one of the key changes to the relaunched Ciphr Academy is the introduction of "always-on" training. Available online 24x7, it can easily fit in around an HR team's busy work schedule.

This greater flexibility, alongside an expanded content library of bite size videos, interactive eLearning modules, including scenario-based skills training with software simulations, and comprehensive written guides, ensure that Ciphr's software users can easily top up their knowledge of specific HR-system functions and processes - such as absence recording, HR metric reporting, and case management - as and when required, and put it into practice immediately.

Ciphr Academy's suite of structured learning journeys is another big, new feature. Divided into three distinct levels - system foundations, building your system, and system familiarisation - these carefully curated training pathways are designed to guide and upskill users step by step through the different stages of their Ciphr HR implementation process - from configuration through to employee rollout and ongoing, everyday use.

Ciphr's comprehensive implementation journey will also ensure that all new users of Ciphr HR - whether they work at an existing or new customer organisation - can quickly familiarise themselves with the software.

Customer feedback has also influenced Ciphr Academy's shift away from offering time-intensive, full-day training workshops to new, bite-size online classes that only require a few hours at a time. Still led by Ciphr's experienced product training specialists, the new programme of classes focuses on a range of specific topics - providing detailed demonstrations of the functionality that HR customers use the most - including absence recording, letters, pay review, rates and spines, policy acceptance, and company documents and subsets.

Bradley Burgoyne, Ciphr's director of talent, who has spearheaded the project, says, "We've listened and acted on feedback from our customers and course delegates to improve Ciphr's customer training provision. Our new Ciphr Academy, which is built on our own platform, Ciphr LMS, gives our software users much more control over how and when they access their training. And, importantly, it delivers the learning content that they need - from learning journeys and on-demand training activities to live, bite size workshops - to help them quickly progress from HR-system user to HR-system expert.

"HR and L&D professionals often put so much energy into the learning requirements of the people in their organisations that they overlook their own training needs. HR systems are designed to make HR professionals' lives easier - by optimising processes, reducing admin, enabling better reporting, and improving efficiency. But, if you're not trained to use the system the way it's intended to be used, you're more than likely not taking advantage of all the functionality and capabilities that are available - perhaps because you don't know it's there - and then you're missing out on all those benefits. Ciphr Academy is a significant step towards ensuring this doesn't happen.

"The launch of Ciphr Academy is an important investment in our product and our customers. It really sets us apart from many other providers in the people management solutions market and will have a tangible, positive impact on our customers' productivity and satisfaction using the system."

All existing Ciphr HR customers can access Ciphr Academy's on-demand training content free of charge. Ciphr Academy's new bite size online classes are available at a small fee, with some exceptions.