Building the Future of L&D

The Learning Network Announces Connect 2023

London (UK), May 2023 - The future of learning and development is up for grabs, Connect 2023 by The Learning Network is set to inspire, innovate, and empower. Taking place in London, 17 November 2023, Connect invites L&D professionals to shape the future of the industry amidst rapid technological advances and shifting workplace paradigms.

The Learning Network, a leading community for L&D professionals, is excited to announce the return of its flagship conference, Connect. This year's edition, Connect 2023: Building the Future of L&D, will take place 17 November 2023, in London.

Connect conferences have always been a nexus for learning inspiration, collaboration, and support. This unique event, rich in innovative ideas, fresh thinking, and engaging debates, is designed to empower, inspire, and invigorate its attendees. The theme of the 2023 event is Building the Future of Learning and Development.

This year's conference is set against the backdrop of the tumultuous recent years that have seen unprecedented changes in society and the workplace, rapidly advancing technologies, and a seismic shift in L&D practices. As we move beyond the panic of the global crisis, it's time to redefine our value, reset our approach, and look towards progress.

Connect 2023 aims to explore

  • delivering value to organisations and clients while actively shaping the future of L&D practice and field
  • harnessing disruptive technologies, including AI and extended reality (XR), to deliver greater impact and increased return on investment
  • the role of L&D in creating a sustainable and inclusive future for the industry, our organisations, and the world
  • overcoming potential challenges that our organisations may face in the coming years

Connect 2023 will feature inspiring speakers, expert presentations, real-life case studies, and debates, coupled with dedicated networking opportunities and a vibrant exhibition area.

The Learning Network invites the L&D community worldwide to join us at Connect 2023. Together, we will discuss and debate the industry's biggest challenges - and perhaps begin shaping the future of learning and development.