Racquet Studios

Virtual Film Production Facility Launches by the Seaside

Eastbourne (UK), June 2023 - Racquet Studios, a new and ambitious virtual film production facility, has been revealed in the southeast of England. Located in Eastbourne's prestigious Devonshire Quarter, home to the Eastbourne International Tennis Tournament and the award-winning Towner Art Gallery, the town hosts one of the UK's foremost independent dedicated facilities for virtual film production, education, and specialist research and development.

The facility has been developed to support existing businesses and production companies to produce world-class creative content through technical innovation, while creating a progressive creative economy, bringing investment, education, and skilled year-round jobs to the region.

The global virtual production market was worth £1,260.5 million in 2019.

Virtual production leverages a host of groundbreaking technologies and has proven to be a far more agile and cost-effective production process compared with traditional linear production techniques. This method of production enables filmmakers to visualise digital elements, live-action footage, and virtual set extensions together in real-time like never before.

Fusing camera-tracking technology with state-of-the-art video game engines, powerful graphics servers, high-resolution LED panels, and green screens, this method of content creation has huge cinematic potential, making it possible to create versatile 360-degree, photorealistic environments for immersive performance and content creation.

The blend of these technologies within Racquet Studios creates the perfect environment for film and high-end TV production, whilst allowing advertisers, games developers, live events, and content creators access to the very latest virtual production technologies and talent.

Simon Skinner, Managing Director, Racquet Studios, said, "The project has been developed to drive virtual film production, technological development, and skills in the South East. Working with our tech and education partners, Racquet Studios will deliver a centre of excellence to expand the evolution of specialist solutions for creative industries. The experienced team at Racquet Studios is on hand for all of its clients and partners to ensure an excellent experience with market-leading results, whilst developing a pipeline of skills to develop the next generation of creatives. Whether you're in film, high-end episodic TV, broadcast, gaming, advertising, music, fashion, or other creative industries, Racquet Studios is the perfect space for your next production."

Working in an alliance with local and national education partners, including the BFI [British Film Institute] and East Sussex College, along with leading hardware manufacturers including Canon Europe Ltd, Quasar Science, and Litepanels, Racquet Studios will deliver a comprehensive training program to educate in all aspects of traditional and contemporary filmmaking. The program will address the skills gap in virtual film production and mocap with further/higher education placements and apprenticeships.

Along with courses in virtual production management, production management for screen, audio, and virtual production, the program will include a series of CPD [continuous professional development] courses across emerging technologies in the sector. This practical training will be complemented by a full audience development program, master classes, and live streams with a focus on young and disadvantaged audiences.

Josh Lewis, Production Director, Racquet Studios, said, "Virtual film production has arrived as a significant evolution within the filmmaking landscape. It's born from a formidable blend of technologies that create results far beyond the sum of its parts, allowing specialist studios to drive greater creative experimentation, while controlling the time and cost of production."