Growth Engineering

New Tool - The L&D Health Score Calculator

London (UK), July 2023 - This tool channels Growth Engineering's 20+ years of learning and development experience into an assessment that determines the 'health' of any L&D approach. 

Upon completion, organisations will receive their L&D Health Score and breakdown per category. These four categories are

  1. L&D Strategy and Status
  2. Training Content and Delivery
  3. Engagement and Motivation
  4. Results and Performance

By completing the 30-question assessment, L&D teams can

  • identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • locate weaknesses or gaps in their training strategy
  • benchmark what they're doing against the best of the best
  • refine their approach until it's a well-oiled machine.

Growth Engineering are learning technology providers that specialise in using learner engagement to fuel real business impact. They have won 120+ industry awards and provide technology solutions for organisations like HP, BT, L'Oréal, P&G, and many others.

Growth Engineering's Managing Director, Juliette Denny, is delighted to share the L&D Health Score Calculator with the world: "Here at Growth Engineering, we know that being a learning and development professional isn't easy. Often the hardest part is to identify where you are going wrong. That's why we wanted to help L&D teams around the world to elevate their learning strategies. Our focus was on providing a brief yet accurate assessment, and the team smashed it out of the park. We are excited to see how organisations boost their strategies using this tool."