Cypher Learning

First AI-Powered Copilot for Teachers and Instructors

Graham Glass, CYPHER Learning CEOPlano, Texas (USA), July 2023 - CYPHER Learning®, a modern learning platform for businesses and academia worldwide, has announced the launch of CYPHER Copilot. Guided by AI, CYPHER Copilot empowers users to create comprehensive, engaging, and gamified courses and assessments in minutes that would normally take days, weeks, or even months.

Furthermore, as courses and assessments are automatically aligned to specific competencies, everyone in the learning process benefits from a fine-grained approach that supports personalized learning.

A giant step forward, CYPHER Copilot is available now through the CYPHER learning platform. The Copilot removes 80% of the work required to design and curate courses, competencies, and assessments, meaning teachers and trainers can focus their attention on the final 20%.

Key features include

  • accelerated curriculum and course design - This includes course outlines, descriptions, and content in over 50 languages. Copilot enables the generation of an entire course in 20-30 minutes, allowing the selection of materials that reflect individuals' style and objectives in a fast and cost-effective way.
  • targeted assessments to track learner progression and identify gaps - These encompass rubric creation and question banks. Copilot helps trainers and educators to automatically generate detailed quizzes, games, and assessments to help evaluate learner progress.
  • alignment with a full competency-based learning model - Copilot enables organizations to generate competencies, create courses that align to those competencies, and develop question banks and assignments that automatically align with those competencies - right down to the question level.
  • embedded gamification to increase learner engagement - Copilot gamifies courses to bring development to life and inspire learners, improving information retention and understanding to deliver better outcomes.

"Competency based learning unlocks the potential for personalized learning - the Holy Grail of skills development. Yet until now, it's just not been possible at scale," comments Graham Glass, CYPHER Learning CEO.
"Building and designing development courses is an important part of any teacher’s or instructor's job, but it is also very time consuming. Yet demand for courses is steadily increasing. Thirty-three percent of the skills needed three years ago are already irrelevant, according to Gartner. At the same time, global teacher shortages are bringing educational institutions to their knees. Something's got to give. Teachers and instructors do not have the resources to keep up with demand."

CYPHER Copilot is designed to address these issues. Glass continues, "Copilot harnesses the power of AI to take care of the mundane aspects of course creation, while still curating dynamic, gamified, multimedia, engaging courses that inspire a passion for lifelong learning. The Copilot is simple and intuitive to use, giving teachers and instructors an AI-guided smart assistant that can cut their workload by 80% or more. This accelerates course development, allowing teachers and trainers to focus on the final 20% to polish and refine, ensuring that new courses can be added to stay ahead of the curve. This helps to ensure that human talent is focused where it needs to be, on delivering better outcomes for the learner and the business."