Perfect Match

LMS365 Acquires Weekly10

London (UK), August 2023 - LMS365, an AI-powered learning platform integrated with Microsoft 365, has announced the acquisition of Weekly10, a dynamic performance and engagement management company based in Wrexham, UK.

The company explains its purchase is to help it expand its capabilities to empower employees to drive their own success, wherever and however they work.

Henrik Jeberg, Chief Strategy Officer, LMS365, stated, "Learning, engagement, and performance are intricately linked, and with Weekly10, we have found the perfect match. This collaboration not only aligns with our go-to-market strategies, but also brings together sophisticated technology and a user-friendly platform. By joining forces, we are unlocking a vast market potential of over $10 billion and enabling our customers to maximize the value of their investment in LMS365's award-winning learning management platform."

Robin Daniels, Chief Business Officer, LMS365, said, "The way we deliver learning and people development today is vastly different from before COVID. The future of human success comes from people who are constantly learning, deeply engaged in their work and with their colleagues, and who sets clear performance targets for themselves, their teams, and the business. The future remains human-centric, but with the assistance of advanced AI, we can enhance the way we work and achieve even greater success."

Unlike traditional HR tech solutions that focus solely on people management, LMS365 and Weekly10 prioritize individual growth and success. "We want to create a solution that underpins human success, where the individual is at the center and there is a culture of continuous improvement and personal development," concludes Daniels.

The integration of LMS365 and Weekly10 will deliver a suite of tools within Microsoft Teams,  Viva, and platforms are available on the Azure Marketplace.