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McLean & Company Releases New Competency Implementation

Toronto (CA), September 2023 - As HR continues to play an ever-expanding strategic role in organizations across a variety of industries, McLean & Company has identified a need for HR leaders to streamline and strengthen processes to facilitate consistency and high performance. To support HR leaders pursuing competency implementation within their organizations and functions, the global HR research and advisory firm has released its new Competency Implementation Guide.

The firm's industry guide explains that competency implementation is the practice of embedding the organization's competency framework into HR functions and programs, such as talent acquisition, performance management, succession planning, and learning and development. The approach to competency implementation is unique to each organization's processes, programs, size, and resources, including time, budget, and people.

"When implementing competencies, it is critical to involve and prepare frontline managers before presenting the changes to the greater organization, as they play a critical role in managing employee reactions," says LynnAnn Brewer, executive advisor at McLean & Company. "People leaders must internalize and role model the framework, acting as stewards and encouraging employees to adopt competencies in their daily work."

The firm further highlights that employees must understand what competencies are and the value they bring to demonstrating the required behaviors to be successful in their roles; otherwise, the competency framework will fail to have organizational impact. As such, managers and leadership must be on board and prepared to communicate with employees openly and transparently to ensure successful adoption of the competency framework.

The new industry resource aims to provide HR and people leaders spearheading the implementation of competencies with the following outcomes:

  • the identification of appropriate ideas to implement competencies across multiple HR functions and programs
  • the collaboration with HR functional leaders to identify a suitable approach and timeline to implement competencies
  • the creation of a comprehensive map that outlines implementation steps and timeline