OEB 2023

Agenda for Change - "The Learning Futures We Choose"

Berlin (GER), September 2023 - OEB 2023, the 29th annual global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on digital learning and training, announces its transformative agenda for this year's event, taking place in Berlin, 22-24 November 2023.

OEB has announced the highly anticipated agenda for OEB 2023. This marks the 29th edition of the seminal conference that serves as a melting pot for cross-industry experts, thought leaders, and visionaries in the realm of digital learning and training.

This year's theme, "The Learning Futures We Choose," delves deep into pressing questions at the heart of digital education. Will humanity harness technology to design its learning future, or be led into a dystopian world where Big Tech calls the shots? The conference aims to unravel the complexities of technological advances and their ethical implications on future learning.

Featuring an extraordinary lineup of keynote speakers, the event promises to ignite discussions that address pivotal questions: Who will control the future of learning? Can technology empower us to redefine the future of education, or will it chain us to a path determined by data and AI?

Astrid Jaeger, OEB Event Director, commented, "As we navigate through the turbulence of technological revolution, OEB 2023 aims to be the epicenter for thought-provoking dialogue. We want to explore how we, as global citizens, can seize the reins of technological change to co-create a future of learning - a future designed by humans, for humans."

OEB 2023 invites participants from academia, industry, and government sectors to join in shaping the future narrative of digital education and training.


In a range of pre-conference workshops, participants have the opportunity to experience the following topics in more detail and hands on:

  • Speexx Exchange 2023  - the digital learning event for HR and L&D
  • What We Should Learn from TikToks - a workshop about micro-videos
  • Build or Buy? - understanding outsourcing support for online programs to make good decisions
  • UDL for You - why universal design for learning is needed now more than ever - four best practices
  • Thinking Bigger and Broader - specifying a curriculum design competency for L&D professionals
  • EnABLing Team-Based Approaches to Learning Design
  • The Blended Learning Design Game
  • Visioning Learning Futures Together
  • Heroes 2.0 - lessons and data to share in the creation and implementation of open educational resources
  • Distance eLearning in Europe - exchange of experience and knowledge; sharing use of data in education
  • E-tivities for Impact - enhancing learning through active participation
  • Take Your Credentials to the Next Level - build a European digital credential for learning
  • Immerse in Your Own CBL Design Using an Interactive Step-by-Step Tool
  • The Art of Crafting Educational Videos
  • How to Advocate for Human Skills in an AI Driven World - gaps in university career education
  • Practical AI - using and implementing AI for learning in the workplace
  • Learning in an Immersive Online Multiplayer 3D/VR Environment