Cornerstone Galaxy

Cornerstone Launches AI-Powered Workforce Agility Platform

Himanshu Palsule, CEO of Cornerstone London (UK), May 2024 - Cornerstone OnDemand Inc. has announced at its Connect Live World Tour kickoff event in Chicago the launch of Cornerstone Galaxy, an AI-powered workforce agility platform aimed at solving the workforce readiness gap. The workforce readiness gap is created by the pace of change from innovation, market changes, and other factors becoming out of sync with a workforce’s ability to adapt. 


For Personalized Learning

Schoox Unveils AI-Driven Skills Mapping / Integrates with Visier

Austin, TX (USA), May 2024 - Schoox, a leader in learning management and talent development solutions, has announced the launch of its AI-driven skills mapping feature. This innovation empowers companies to personalize learning experiences for employees, helping them reskill, upskill, and advance their careers.


Insights Media

Report Reveals Who Is Influencing L&D's Thinking

Bath (UK), May 2024 - A recent report identifies key influencers in corporate learning and development, highlighting the prominence of colleagues and peers in shaping strategies and the need for high-quality, unbiased insights in the face of increasing AI-driven content.


Twenty Categories

Entries Open for Learning Technologies Awards 2024

London (UK), May 2024 - Celebrating outstanding learning technologies worldwide, the submission of entries for Learning Technologies Awards 2024 is now open. There are twenty categories, including the new "Best Use of AI in Learning". Sponsorship opportunities and key dates have also been announced.


Adaptive learning

World Premiere at LEARNTEC: Area9 Lyceum and "AI at Its Best"

Andreas KambachLeipzig, May 2024 -The personalized adaptive-learning specialists Area9 Lyceum can claim to have significantly advanced adaptive learning on a large scale for twenty years. With Area9 Mindflow™, the company wants to amaze the professional world. "Your jaw will drop when you experience the future possibilities in the learning process generative AI avails" smiles Andreas Kambach, Managing Director of Area9 Lyceum GmbH. Kambach is looking forward to having the company’s founder and CEO, Ulrik Juul Christensen, come to Karlsruhe to announce the world premiere.



How AI Is Giving Storytelling a Boost

Jennifer FritzFreiburg/Karlsruhe, May 2024 - Jennifer Fritz is an expert in the field of knowledge transfer through storytelling. She focuses on teaching educators how to use storytelling to make complex and dry learning content engaging and fun for all ages. As part of the LEARNTEC congress, she will be holding a workshop on "Storytelling with the Help of AI" on 04 June 2024 from 11:30.



"Rigid Teaching Methods Are a Thing of the Past"

Theresa VossDüsseldorf/Karlsruhe, May 2024 - The presentation "Individual Learning with Hyper-Personalization: AI in Healthcare and Beyond" will shed light on AI and its impact on learning. The case study from the healthcare industry illustrates how professionals can benefit from innovative technologies. Theresa Voss is cofounder of the edtech company chunkx, and will provide information on the background to AI, NLP and machine learning.


Domoscio Acquisition

Rise Up Elevates Personalised Learning Capabilities

Paris (F), May 2024 - Rise Up, one of Europe's leading integrated learning solutions - with more than five million active learners globally - has announced its strategic acquisition of Domoscio, a French expert in adaptive learning. This acquisition is set to significantly shake up the learning and HR tech landscape.


Enhancing STEM Learning

The Role of Ethical AI-Powered Text-to-Speech Technology

London (UK), April 2024 - In the realm of education, particularly in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), accessibility and engagement are paramount. However, traditional methods of instruction often fall short in accommodating diverse learning needs and fostering active participation. Enter AI-powered text-to-speech (TTS) technology, a tool revolutionizing the educational landscape by bridging accessibility gaps and enhancing learner engagement in STEM content.