Learning Fitness

"We still consume almost the same learning diet"

Rupert WardHuddersfield (UK), November 2021 - Rupert Ward is a former Special Adviser to the Royal Household and Project Lead for iDEA, one of the world's most successful free educational technologies. He is Director of Strategic Partnerships for the International Council on Badges and Credentials, a National Teaching Fellow, and an international keynote speaker. At OEB Global, he will speak about "Learning Fitness: Getting Learning Fit".



Anwenderkonferenz "Convergence" erstmals digital

Düsseldorf, August 2020 - Seit rund zehn Jahren setzt Cornerstone mit dem Format der Convergence einen der Standards in der HR- und Talent Management Branche: Im Rahmen dieses größten Anwenderkongresses der Welt treffen sich Anwender und Cornerstone Spezialisten regelmäßig zum Austausch über Erfahrungen und Entwicklungen in der Welt der digitalen HR. Bislang fand das Treffen immer in den USA und London statt, im Jahr Corona findet die Veranstaltung nun erstmals digital statt. Am 16. und 17. September ist es soweit: Cornerstone OnDemand veranstaltet zum ersten Mal eine digitale Ausgabe der Conververgence.


Transfer Efficiency

Converting Knowledge into "Action That Is Crucial for Success"

Dr. Ina Weinbauer-HeidelKarlsruhe (GER)/St. Valentin (A), December 2019 - Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel, founder of the Institute for Transfer Effectiveness, has published the German language book "Was Trainings wirklich wirksam macht" (What makes training sessions really effective). In it, she describes the twelve control levers of transfer effectiveness. At the LEARNTEC Congress, she will discuss her practical experience and insights on 29 January 2020 at 10.45.


Deeper Learning

What Works to Get the Best Results

Patti ShankSanta Rosa, CA (USA), November 2018 - As a learning designer, analyst, author, and president of Learning Peaks, USA, Patti Shank is internationally recognized. She works with organizations to analyze and find solutions for organizational performance needs and is regularly asked to speak at conferences and to train trainers, instructors, designers, and experts. At OEB Global 2019, you can hear her in two sessions: in the Debate Plenary on Thursday evening and in "Managing Memory for Deeper Learning" on Friday, 07 December from 11:45 to 13:00.


Brandon Hall Awards

Gold for the Best Sales Onboarding Program

London (UK), September 2018 - Imparta and Cisco have together won a coveted Brandon Hall Group Gold Award for Excellence in the Best Sales Onboarding Program category for Cisco's groundbreaking Cisco Sales Associates Program (known as CSAP).


Latest Academic Findings

Inclusive Managers’ Toolkit Launched by Marshall E-Learning

London (UK), December 2017 - Marshall E-Learning has announced the launch of its new inclusive managers’ toolkit, developed in partnership with Vercida Consulting. The Inclusive Managers’ Toolkit is aimed at middle managers across public and private sector organisations and is designed to build their skills and confidence.


Staff Development

NHBC Chooses New Kallidus Learn and Perform

Cirencester (UK), June 2017 - NHBC has chosen Kallidus Learn and Kallidus Perform, the company’s innovative new learning-and-performance-management solutions to enhance learning opportunities and employee development. Kallidus was selected because its solutions offer an outstanding, modern user experience.


Significant Effects

Performance Nuggets - Relevant, Flexible, Rich in Variety

Saarbrücken (GER), April 2017 - What’s the use of further education if there is too much information within course units and if the bulk of what is learnt is immediately forgotten? Information that will not be quickly and practically applied in the real world will shortly fall victim to the human short-term memory.