Barco & Panopto

To Connect Physical and Virtual Learning Environments

Kortrijk (BE)/ Seattle (WA), February 2020 - Barco, a leading technology company that specializes in visualization and collaboration technology, and Panopto, a leading enterprise video platform provider, have announced a partnership to improve virtual learning and training experiences by connected Barco’s weConnect platform with Panopto’s video platform.

Today’s universities, business schools, and corporate learning environments are increasingly present on a virtual level, both in real time and on demand. These institutions leverage the latest technologies to ensure that the virtual experience comes close to the in-class experience. Additionally, educators increasingly realize the benefits of preserving the learning experience so it can be accessed later for review.
The new partnership bridges this virtual and on-demand world. The Barco weConnect platform allows students to attend hybrid, collaborative classes, in which all students are virtually present or there is a mix of virtual and physical attendance.

The platform also enables students to engage live with both their in-class and virtually present classmates. Afterwards, the sessions are available on demand in Panopto, where both students and teachers can quickly search through the session to find any word spoken or shown on screen. Panopto allows instructors to further integrate the recording into their learning management system (LMS) and securely send it to trusted third parties for highly accurate, human reviewed closed captioning.
"Today’s students expect digital experiences that work anywhere, on any device," said Ellen Van de Woestijne, Segment Marketing Director for Learning Experience at Barco. "By combining weConnect with Panopto, students have access to a distance learning experience that fully engages them, not only during class but afterwards as well."
"Barco is part of a growing ecosystem of digital platforms integrating with Panopto," said Sean Gorman, Chief Operating Officer at Panopto. "Panopto’s video environment is the ideal repository for weConnect courses because we preserve multiple video sources in high fidelity, giving students a clear reference to any moment they want to revisit."