Let’s Talk Learn-Tech

Podcast for HR and L&D Practitioners

Let's Talk TechPune (IN), February 2020 - "Let's Talk Learn-Tech", a monthly podcast recently launched by UpsideLMS, aims to improve HR and learning and development (L&D) practitioners’ understanding and decision making ability in regard to technology enabled learning/training tools and content for employee development and the overall L&D environment in the organization.

Let’s Talk Learn-Tech is an extension of UpsideLMS’s mission to address pressing challenges and trending buzzwords in the L&D space. An UpsideLMS exclusive podcast, this monthly show draws upon the experience and expertise of its talented team to distil insights, tips, and best practices on learning management systems, training, employee engagement, online content libraries, learning technology tools, etc., in an easy-to-understand and simple-to-implement way.

Today’s HR and L&D practitioners are spoilt for choice when it comes to tools, systems, and technologies for managing their training and learning interventions. They are also confronted with having to sift through an overwhelming barrage of information to stay updated and in sync with the industry trends. With a variety of media channels vying for their attention all day every day, consuming the available information is easier said than done.

UpsideLMS fills this gap with its Let’s Talk Learn-Tech podcast. The information is presented in an easy-to-understand way, and the format (audio) and its bite-sized nature allow for knowledge consumption (and retention!) on the go! Each twenty-minute podcast on a topic relevant to HR and L&D stakeholders is packed with actionable insights and practical tips that can be implemented immediately for training success.

The podcast, which will be published mid-month starting February 2020, will see all function heads of UpsideLMS – from Product Development to BA to Sales to Ops – coming together to bring in their unique perspectives and experiences on a topical area of learning technology (learn-tech).