Short Survey

Rapid Research into How COVID-19 Is changing L&D

Cirencester (UK), May 2020 - Fosway Group, a European HR industry analyst, recently opened new rapid research into the impact of COVID-19 on organisational learning and development. The goal of the research is to provide practical insight into what's really happening in corporate L&D, as organisational and financial priorities evolve during the COVID-19 crisis. 

The short survey asks key questions about the impact on L&D, including headcount; budgets and spend; and demand for digital content and platforms. It also explores what's currently being effective for organisations and what's not.

This activity forms part of Fosway's ongoing research into the wider impact of the COVID-19 across HR, talent, and learning. Initial headlines have already been shared from its analysis of the pandemic on HR and how HR tech solutions are supporting organisations as they pedal rapidly to keep up with economic challenges and government policies in a constant state of flux.

David Perring, director of research at Fosway commented, "L&D finds itself in a potentially pivotal role at this time of turmoil. Organisations are finding new ways of working - and learning - under these extraordinary circumstances. We want to help L&D professionals get a better sense of what's really happening across the industry right now and share that back as quickly as possible."

The results from the research will be made freely available in the next few weeks.