In Multiple Languages

Syandus' 3D Training Platform Goes Global with AI Translation

Exton, PA (USA), May 2020 - Syandus has announced the addition of automated language translation and synthetic human AI voices to AliveSimTM, its virtual practice and coaching platform.

"Our customers wanted to take scalable, virtual skill building to their global audiences," says Syandus' CEO, Doug Seifert. "Leveraging the latest AI technology for language translation and synthetic human voices was the logical way for us to help them deliver on this."

Global training programs requiring versions in multiple languages, with native voiceovers, are typically hampered by high translation costs, thereby limiting their ability to drive consistent learning practices across all regions around the world.

With phase one of SimBuilderTM, Syandus leverages AI technology to automate language translation and produce synthetic "almost human" voices for any AliveSim simulation module. Now, modules created in English can be easily and quickly made available for non-English speaking regions with minimal proofing or costs.

The benefits of AI integration into an immersive training platform include

  • instantaneous full translation in a target language for final, minimal proofing
  • an instantaneous "almost human" voice in the target language
  • built-in change control enabling edits to be made quickly and easily across all languages
  • dramatic reduction of the cost for translation and voice creation, while minimizing coordination time

"We are super excited to complete this first phase of SimBuilder", Seifert continues, "and to enable our customers to drive the success they have realized in one region across all regions. Consistent skill development worldwide, and the results that go with this, are now possible with AliveSim."